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Biogents: nel campo delle zanzare non ci sfugge niente.

La Biogents sviluppa e produce trappole per zanzare ed altri insetti ematofagi.
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Trappole per zanzare per proprietari di casa

Trappole per zanzare per proprietari di casa

Controllo delle zanzare altamente efficace con le trappole Biogents ecologiche.

Trappole per zanzare per professionisti

Trappole per zanzare per professionisti

Controllo e monitoraggio per disinfestatori, organizzazioni governative, ricercatori e sanità.

Ricerca su commissione

Ricerca su commissione Biogents

Su commissione la Biogents sviluppa e valuta l’efficacia di repellenti contro insetti.

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  • Meet us at the 2023 AMCA meeting in Reno!
    We're looking forward to meeting you at the 89th annual meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) in Reno, Nevada!
  • My Job is testing anti-mosquito products – let me tell you what works and what doesn’t!
    It's dark, warm, and humid, and it’s buzzing everywhere. It is this unpleasant sound that drives you crazy during warm summer nights. It’s mosquitoes, thousands of them! The nightmare of many people. 
  • How can I identify tiger mosquitoes and what can I do against them?
    What do tiger mosquitoes look like? Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) are relatively small and have a black body with clearly visible white stripes (Figure 1 A, B, C). But be careful, not every dark mosquito with stripes is a tiger mosquito! In Central Europe, for example, the banded mosquito (Culiseta annulata) is present in […]
  • AMCA Meeting 2022
    Get prepared for the 88th Annual Conference of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) in Jacksonville!
  • Surveillance of Asian tiger mosquitoes in Fürth, Germany
    Mosquito surveillance – what is this? By conducting a mosquito surveillance, you can answer questions such as: Which mosquito species are present? Where are they? At what times during the year do they appear and disappear? This can be archieved by collecting, counting and identifying adult mosquitoes (or their larvae, pupae or eggs). In some […]
  • Press Release: Biogents Enters Strong Partnership with SBM Life Science to Further Expand New Markets Across all of Europe
    The French family company SBM's subsidiary SBM Life Science, which is present in 31 countries in the field of innovative and responsible solutions and services for plants, gardens, and living environments, will be Biogents new partner from January 2022 onwards With an exclusive retail sales agreement covering all of Europe, Biogents will also further open […]
  • Meet us at the EMCA in Vienna!
    The 10th international Conference of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) takes place in Vienna, Austria, from Oct 3-7, 2021. As one of the few opportunities this year even in person and not just virtually. Biogents is a sponsor of this event. Our colleagues Silke and Max are looking forward to meeting you in person […]
  • Meet us at the 2021 virtual PAMCA conference!
    The 2021 conference of the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) virtually takes place from Sept 20 - 22. The theme of the conference is “Empowering local institutions to set the agenda for the elimination of vector-borne diseases.”
  • New Subscription Models for BG-Sweetscent & Sticky Cards
    With our new subscription models you don't have to remember to buy our BG-Sweetscent attractant to lure the mosquitoes into your trap. You also don't have to remember to buy sticky cards for your BG-GAT trap to catch the mosquitoes which try to escape. This way you can maximize your traps` performances for the whole […]
  • Press Release: Biogents Launches the BG-Protector for Professional Mosquito Control
    Highly efficient reduction of the mosquito population Reduction of service costs due to low maintenance and high sustainability Prevention of resistance & environmental friendliness - spares beneficial insects and does not harm humans and animals