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Biogents: nel campo delle zanzare non ci sfugge niente.

La Biogents sviluppa e produce trappole per zanzare ed altri insetti ematofagi.
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Trappole per zanzare per proprietari di casa

Trappole per zanzare per proprietari di casa

Controllo delle zanzare altamente efficace con le trappole Biogents ecologiche.

Trappole per zanzare per professionisti

Trappole per zanzare per professionisti

Controllo e monitoraggio per disinfestatori, organizzazioni governative, ricercatori e sanità.

Ricerca su commissione

Ricerca su commissione Biogents

Su commissione la Biogents sviluppa e valuta l’efficacia di repellenti contro insetti.

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  • Meet us at the EMCA in Vienna!
    The 10th international Conference of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) takes place in Vienna, Austria, from Oct 3-7, 2021. As one of the few opportunities this year even in person and not just virtually. Biogents is a sponsor of this event. Our colleagues Silke and Max are looking forward to meeting you in person […]
  • Meet us at the 2021 virtual PAMCA conference!
    The 2021 conference of the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) virtually takes place from Sept 20 - 22. The theme of the conference is “Empowering local institutions to set the agenda for the elimination of vector-borne diseases.”
  • New Subscription Models for BG-Sweetscent & Sticky Cards
    With our new subscription models you don't have to remember to buy our BG-Sweetscent attractant to lure the mosquitoes into your trap. You also don't have to remember to buy sticky cards for your BG-GAT trap to catch the mosquitoes which try to escape. This way you can maximize your traps` performances for the whole […]
  • Press Release: Biogents Launches the BG-Protector for Professional Mosquito Control
    Highly efficient reduction of the mosquito population Reduction of service costs due to low maintenance and high sustainability Prevention of resistance & environmental friendliness - spares beneficial insects and does not harm humans and animals
  • Strengthening Opportunities & Building the Future: Biogents Becomes a Sponsor of the “Deutschlandstipendium”
    The Deutschlandstipendium is a national scholarship program that was set up by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in April 2011. It aims to promote particularly talented, motivated, and top-performing students of all nationalities who also stand out for their public and social engagement.
  • Spoofing alert!
    Dear colleagues, partners, and friends, it has been a while, but recently some of our contacts again received e-mails trying to lure them into a scam. As before, these messages pretend  to be from Biogents staff or management.
  • HNU monitors the spread of disease-transmitting mosquitoes supported by Biogents mosquito traps
    Remote Sensing and On-Site Characterization of Wetlands as Potential Habitats for Malaria Vectors   Insect-borne diseases are an ongoing threat to public health. Among other common known diseases, malaria is still a worldwide health problem and also of relevance in colder regions. The spread of this disease is currently supported by the increase of wetland […]
  • Biogents on Amazon - Mosquitoes fear Amazon Prime Day
    Dear all, I made a disturbing discovery! You already know that our neighbors have one of these Biogents BG-Mosquitaire mosquito traps and over there you can hardly find a tiger mosquito anymore. Yesterday I made a short trip to my landlords' house to have a blood meal. And what did I see there?
  • Biogents su Amazon - Le zanzare temono l'Amazon Prime Day
    Amici, Ho fatto una scoperta inquietante! Come già sapete, I nostri vicini hanno una di queste trappole Biogents BG-Mosquitaire e laggiù è quasi impossibile trovare una zanzara tigre. Ieri ho fatto un giro dai miei padroni di casa per uno spuntino e cosa vedo lì?
  • Biogents en Amazon: los mosquitos se aterrorizan el día de Amazon Prime Day
    Queridos amigos, ¡Acabo de hacer un descubrimiento perturbador! Ya sabeis que nuestros vecinos tienen una de estas trampas para mosquitos Biogents BG-Mosquitaire y allí ya casi no se puede encontrar un mosquito tigre. Ayer hice un viaje corto a la casa de los propietarios para chupar sangre. ¿Y qué vi allí?