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Biogents: quando se trata de mosquitos, nada nos escapa.

A Biogents AG produz armadilhas altamente eficientes contra mosquitos e oferece serviços de pesquisa sobre a eficácia de repelentes de mosquitos e produtos relacionados.

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Armadilhas para mosquitos

BG-Mosquitaire CO2: Biogents mosquito trap against all mosquito species

A Biogents desenvolve e produz armadilhas para mosquitos altamente eficientes.

Serviços de pesquisa

Biogents contarct research uses rearings of severel different mosquito species.

A Biogents oferece serviços de pesquisa sobre repelentes de mosquitos e produtos relacionados.

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  • Let’s make the best out of a windy day
    Hello my dears, today is a rather unpleasant occasion for me to talk about. 🌎💨🗓️    Can you guess what these pictures are supposed to tell you?
  • Bees don’t care about Biogents mosquito traps
    Hello my dear friends, I, Marcy Mosquito, have just found out that May 20 is World Bee Day. And you know what? Those bees have been bothering me for a while.
  • Spoofing alert!
    Dear colleagues, partners, and friends, Recently, some of our contacts have received e-mails from sources that pretended to be Biogents staff or management. This specific version of attempted e-mail fraud, using forged sender addresses, is called spoofing.
  • Malaria vs Corona: facts, facts, facts!
    Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well! April 25 is World Malaria Day, but I can imagine that this isn’t the first thing on your minds. You're probably more concerned about the infamous Corona virus right now - and rightly so.
  • Don't Light the Night!
    Earth Hour 2020 - for a living planet
  • Corona / COVID19: How Biogents is prepared. Message to our customers and partners.
    Due to the continuous spread of the Corona virus and as one of the efforts to “flatten the curve”, the State of Bavaria (our home state in Germany) has decided to close all schools, kindergardens and daycare centers, starting coming Monday, until the beginning of the Easter holiday, which will end on April 18th.
  • Press Release: Biogents Combines the Most Popular Mosquito Monitoring Traps in One
    Regensburg, Germany, March 5, 2020: Biogents AG, mosquito trap manufacturer, is proud to announce its latest development of a new trap for mosquito monitoring and control: the BG-Pro. Based on a modular concept, it includes Biogents versions of the established EVS (Encephalitis Virus Surveillance) trap and CDC (Centers of Disease Control) light trap, as well […]
  • See our products at the AMCA 86th Annual Meeting
    +++ ANNOUNCEMENT +++After much deliberation, Biogents has decided not to attend the AMCA Annual Meeting in Portland, due to the ongoing threats posed by the Corona virus outbreak.It is unfortunate that this decision has had to be taken as we have always been strong supporters of the AMCA and regular contributors to the Annual Meetings […]
  • Marcy stands up for the protection of species
    Hello, my dear Mosquito community, Valentine's day was amazing and since then, I have been spending a lot of time with my beloved Marco. But I don't want to talk too much about him, because today is about another big and important topic: the protection of species– it’s World Wildlife Day!
  • Marcy in love
    Hello again – Marcy is back! I just have to tell you about my last dates. Thanks to the swiping left or right app, I’ve already had two dates – both with the same guy! His name is Marco and I’m head over heels in love.


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