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Recommendations of the Biogents mosquito traps

Hillary, Austin, TX

“I have set up the Mosquitaire unit (with CO2) and two GAT traps on our small urban lot and after only a few days we have caught so many mosquitoes. Our property is becoming nice again! Thank you so much for developing this product. I plan to let my neighbors know about it as we live near a creek and have awful mosquito problems every summer. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to sit on our patio without needing bug spray or using other toxic chemicals.

Customer, living in Marseille

“We moved to Marseille from Scotland last year, and I can’t tell you how much pain and inflammation your mossie trap has saved me, whilst also making evenings outside possible. Can’t wait to get the in-home version going this season.”


Customer from Mallorca

“My husband and I bought your mosquito trap at the beginning of last summer and it resulted in our family being able to actually use our backyard during summer for the first time in 4 years! It is such a fabulous product.”


Tom Rodney, Greenville, North Carolina (bought BG-GATs and the BG-Mosquitaire with CO2) 

“I would recommend the BG – Mosquitaire CO2 trap because it works and is relatively inexpensive and safer to operate and is used by local governments across the U.S.A. and the world. I do believe in Biogents products and wish you continued success in the U.S.A.” 

Leonard Heifetz, California (bought a BG-Mosquitaire) 


Alex Robinette, Texas (bought the BG-Mosquitaire)

“Hello, my husband bought the BG unit that attracts Asian tiger mosquitos and it is working so well after 2 weeks, that I felt confident to post it on Facebook and […] I believe in your cause and would love to see the broadcast spraying be banned. Thank you!!”


Recommendation from a resident in Dallas, TX, USA:

“BG-Mosquitaire is exceeding my expectations. I have been searching for good mosquito traps available USA and in EU. And this summer I have bought and tried six different kinds traps. I am most pleased with BG-Mosquitaire.”

Photo of a typical 24 hours “ harvest “ of the resident in Dallas, TX

DB’s review about traps in Abuja, Nigeria

* “For more than a year we have run the Biogents trap (Sweetscent + CO2) in Nigeria. The amount of tiger mosquitoes and other mosquito species has been remarkably reduced. In the beginning, the catch bag was filled within ten days. Meanwhile it takes notably longer depending on the season. Thank you very much for the development of such an efficient product!”

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Nigeria: Biogents mosquito trap with BG-Sweetscent and CO2

User of a camper discussion board:,start,15.html

* “For 3 years I have been running a mosquito trap for our permanent residence, and it works perfectly well. It is a Biogents Mosquitaire Plus with CO2 and an attractant [BG-Mosquitaire CO2]. Back then we had moved, and in May there were so many mosquitoes so that I would not go outside. I have never seen something like this before. I installed the trap at the end of May, and the problem was solved already in the mid of June. The principle of the trap is as follows: Female mosquitoes are specifically eliminated and there won’t be offspring. Therefore, the mosquito population is extremely reduced.
In the first year, I hoped not to need the trap in the following year again, however, I had to install the trap in June very quickly, since there were too many mosquitoes. This year, there were huge mosquitoes there after the first heat wave, which were completely removed after only one week using the trap. Even my wife, who always had laughed at me, begged me to install the trap quickly this year. She had to admit that my “funny/weird interests” are not that wrong sometimes.

For homeowners the trap is perfect, however, for camping it is not suitable.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Dr. habil. Pia Parolin, South France

*“I just wanted to let you know that I emptied and cleaned our traps from last year in order to install them again for the new season.
I have seven traps in our property in South France (six green BG-Mosquitaires and one BG-Mosquitito). I ran them the complete last summer, and I forgot to empty them and put them just like this in the basement. I opened them today and there was a relatively small amount of dried out mosquitoes in five of the six green traps; however, in one trap the catch bag was filled to one third with thousands (!) of dried out (tiger) mosquitoes!!! Unfortunately, I do not remember where this trap was positioned. Please find attached some images. I have not seen something like this before, and we are very impressed with the efficacy of these traps. You only have to place them correctly (close to bushes with watering?)

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Herbert Kling, Danube region in Austria

*“We are very satisfied. The difference between terrace with Biogents and the rest of the garden is enormous – it does work. If the noise of the fan was lower, it would be nice, but this seems to be difficult to realize.
The trap is a very good product which I recommend permanently.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Frank Wittenberger, “Fünfseenland” in Bavaria, Germany

* “We operate the trap throughout the whole year. In the beginning, it took a while until the trap was effective. However, there was an ease noticeable finally, and all of our neighbors were at our terrace 😉 Since there is a limit to what the trap can cover, I had to replace it a couple of times. In order to avoid this, I am thinking about a second trap. I have already recommended the trap several times. Last summer there was a high infestation, and I am looking forward to the next summer without any worries. I will be able to enjoy the soccer world cup outside.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Kerstin Brückman, village in Hesse, Germany, horse stable

* “I did not consider it possible to catch that many mosquitoes. After talking to Mr Dr. Rose I knew that „my“ mosquitoes are the aggressive malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles). I only could be in my horse stable and the bordering outdoor area at a run, because the infestation was that bad. After placing the trap at a cool and windless area (and in the beginning after problems with the sealing which were eliminated), I could get rid of the mosquitoes in sacks at the end of April.
In the summer, it was for the first time that one could stand in front of the stable without being eaten.
Now my horses are at a different stable, since the purchase seemed to be precarious to me for such a high mosquito infestation. I gave the trap to my parents, and they catch harmless mosquitoes at the pond.
The negative aspect is the price of the CO2 bottle. However, I myself swallowed this pill willingly.”

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Bernd Roßbeck, „Fünfseenland“ in Bavaria, Germany

* “We live in Iffeldorf at the Osterseen, south of the Lake Starnberg. The Osterseen are several lakes connected to each other and of different sizes. They flow into the Lake Starnberg. In between these lakes there are big and smaller moorlands. Therefore an ideal area for mosquitoes.
We bought the mosquito trap last June, when it was forseeable to become a very intense mosquito summer. It is positioned in our yard in the shadow of three Thujas about eight to ten meters away from the terrace. We operated the trap constantly. In June and July, the catching result was remarkable, and we felt in deed a significant reduction of mosquito nuisance. During the day, it was possible to be outside on the terrace. There were no problems with the trap. The delivery service of the CO2 bottle through “Unterbichler” went well. Since our bedroom (2nd floor) faces directly to our terrace, we could hear the noise of the fan in the night. It would be pleasant if the noise was reduced a bit. We highly recommended the trap to our friends and relatives, however, they seemed to shun the costs.
We contribute to a research work of the University Greifswald (Institute on the island of Riems) by sending them caught mosquitoes (respectively they get picked up from our place).
I attached one image of a catching result, and in the background you can see the trap.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Mückenfang mit Biogents Mückenfalle mit CO2 an den Osterseen in Bayern.

T. D., edge of a village in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany

* “We are very happy about the mosquito trap and also very satisfied and impressed how effective it is. We live at the edge of a village, and we have only one trap. It is placed at a corner of our property partly under a pine to be in shade. I constructed a framework for it to be at a certain height above the ground (~ 40 cm). Additionally I constructed a simple roof out of a bunch of planks. In the summer / fall, we had to empty the trap more often, and there were only mosquitoes caught. In the fall, there were several wasps, maybe 5–10. A little later, there was a quite short period were the trap caught masses of small flies (approximately 2–4 mm).
The CO2 bottle from “Unterbichler” was easy to install and also easy to operate. We chose the smaller output of CO2.
The only thing I tried to improve was the fan. It is not very quiet. I tried to find a quiet computer fan, e.g., one from Noctua, NF-S12A, however, I realized that the amount of air is different from the amount of air in the trap. I cannot remember if it was more or less. In order to avoid that the new fan would be too weak or too strong (it also catches bigger insects), I used the original fan. The noise is unpleasant on quiet summer evenings when the trap is only 10 m away. The Noctua fans are very quiet, but unfortunately not suitable for the outside. Since I have a small roof, I still would have tried. If you changed to Noctua or something similar, I would be glad, because you could adjust the correct amount of air. (Most of the fans can be controlled with both voltage and PWM). I don’t mind paying a higher price.
I also was thinking about operating the trap with a lead accumulator (from a car) to avoid power cables coming from the house. Unfortunately, I did not have time to follow up with this. Maybe this is a project for the following summer.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Erich Hofreiter, edge of a village in Upper Austria

* “The catching results are satisfying. The operating costs are comparably high, especially the CO2. I always used the lower output.
One disadvantage is the noise of the fan. In the summer time our windows are open during the night– it is annoying. The distance of the trap to the windows should be at least 20 m, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. However, by and large, it is worth the investment. We did not use any acids/pesticides. Certainly, I will run the trap again.

*  The original recommendation is in German and was translated as accurate as possible.

Daniel L. Kline, PhD from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“I have been asked to write a letter in support of Bio Gents Gmb H’s nomination for a Tech Awards in the Health Category for their new trap technology, which is featured in their BG-Sentinel trap. I have enthusiastically agreed to write this letter because I believe this trap has the potential to help monitor and quite possibly lead to the control of several important vector borne diseases. Specifically diseases associated with pathogens vectored by Stegomyia mosquito species such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus…”

PDF You can find the whole statement here >

BG-Sentinel trap

Patrick Guerin, Director of Research, Université de Neuchâtel

…For this reason I can recommend the use of the BG Sentinel trap as a device with which to reduce the risk of dengue infection in the domestic environment. In addition, the trap can serve as a warning system for inhabitants of the presence of the disease vector….” 

PDF You can find the whole statement here >

Christopher Curtis, Emeritus Professor of Medical Entomology, (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

“… Of 4 types of traps tested the BG trap was clearly the most effective….”

PDF You can find the whole statement here >

Scott A. Ritchie, PhD, Medical Entomologist, Queensland Government, Queensland Health

“…The research clearly showed that the BG sentinel trap was highly effective at collecting dengue mosquitoes, more so than other methods. Furthermore, it did not require costly dry ice, and could provide a collection within 24 hr….”

PDF You can find the whole statement here >