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Biogents’ patented capture method mimics the human being

Principle of function of the suction traps

All of the Biogents suction traps such as BG-Mosquitaire, BG-Home for homeowners and the BG-Sentinel and BG-Pro for professionals function according to the same patented counterflow principle:

A single fan sucks the attracted mosquitoes into a catch bag below the black suction column of the trap. The air stream is then diverted and exits the trap through the white upper surface made of fabric. This air stream mimics the typical scent plume that is produced by a warm human body. To the mosquitoes the trap looks just like a human being.

The contrast between the dark center and the light surface of the trap is an additional important attractive signal for the mosquitoes, and completes the capture method.

A scent dispenser inside the trap enriches the air stream with small amounts of substances like those also emanated by the human skin. These substances enhance as synergists the attractiveness of the traps. If they were used alone without the trap, e.g., disposed on a sticky surface, they would be ineffective.

Carbon dioxide from an artificial nose is added to the air stream in order to increase the spectrum of the mosquitoes captured, and maximize the capture rate. The emission rate corresponds to that of a toddler or an infant.

For the indoor trap “BG-Home”, additional features are included: a heated surface that attracts mosquitoes, UV light that attracts other flying insects and the complete dark appearance of the BG-Home which is also attractive for mosquitoes.

Patented and Scientific proof

The principle of function is patented and the unique combination was developed at the University of Regensburg in over 16 years of research. Its efficacy is confirmed by scientists and other experts throughout the world.


Principle of function of the passive BG-GAT trap

The BG-GAT is a passive trap that means it does not need any power and it functions in a different way than the suction traps: it targets those mosquitoes that have already bitten and are now searching for a place to lay their eggs. Therefore it imitates a breeding site.  Female Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are attracted by water and oviposition cues (e.g. some leaves in the water) and enter the transparent chamber through the black funnel. Once in the chamber, mosquitoes try to escape through the translucent windows where they are captured when they contact the surface of the sticky card. The mesh provides a barrier between mosquitoes and the infused water in the lower chamber. The sticky card in the transparent chamber will kill the mosquitoes.

The BG-GAT trap was developed by Dr. Á. E. Eiras from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil and by Dr. S. A. Ritchie from the James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.

Biogents use a patented combination of attractive contrasts and air streams that are directed upwards. A mixture of human skin scents and carbon dioxide that is also patented increases the capture rate even further.
Amongst others, Biogents traps attract the mosquitoes through black and white contrasts and the imitation of human body emissions.
Amongst others, Biogents traps attract the mosquitoes through black and white contrasts and the imitation of human body emissions.
BG-GAT cross section to show the capture method.
The BG-GAT cross section showing how the mosquitoes are lured and end up at the sticky card.