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Tests according to German Army Delivery Specification (TL 8305-0331)

Insecticide impregnated battle dress uniforms are widely used by the Military. The German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement published a delivery specification which demands bioactivity tests of permethrin-treated textiles against yellow-fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) and ticks (Ixodes ricinus) (TL 8305-0331, „Vektorenschutzausrüstung für textile Flächengebilde“, July 2016). Biogents performs these tests according to the delivery specification against yellow-fever mosquitoes. Tests on ticks can be ordered at Insect Services, Berlin.


The treated textile is attached to the inner wall of a standard WHO-Tube. Afterwards, ten test mosquitoes are introduced into the tube, and exposed to the treated surface. The times of knock-down of the first, fifth, and all test mosquitoes is documented. The delivery specification demands that the total knock-down occurs within 71.5 minutes. Bioactivity tests are conducted with original samples and samples that had been laundered 100 times.