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Biogents mimics human skin scents

A mosquito recognizes and finds a human being from a relatively long distance by the human’s breath and skin scents. The main component of breath is carbon dioxide, which attracts most mosquitoes very efficiently. There are also certain components of the human skin scents that are important indicators for mosquitoes in their search for blood.

Therefore, Biogents developed artificial scents that mimic the human skin scents, and make the Biogents traps even more specific and capturing.
The development of an artificial human scent was an important milestone in over 16 years of mosquito research. The effect of our artificial scents was measured and is scientifically proven.

Background information on Biogents’ artificial human skin scents and scientific studies can be found here >


There are three variations of our artificial scent dispensers for different applications and needs:



The BG-Sweetscent is especially effective against tiger mosquitoes

The BG-Sweetscent is a refined mixture of scents. Small amounts of ammonia and selected fatty acids were added to the lactic acid. This mixture is in combination with the trap’s attractive parameters ‘heat convection’ and ‘light-and-dark-contrast’ attractive for especially tiger mosquitoes. Therefore, they can be captured without carbon dioxide.

The BG-Sweetscent is effective for up to two months.

BG-Lure for professional monitoring of mosquitoes

BG-Lure for the professional monitoring of mosquitoes

The robust “BG-Lure cartridge” releases relatively high concentrations of lactic acid, ammonia, and fatty acids. It is especially used – mostly with the BG-Sentinel trap – by scientists and health-care specialists to monitor mosquito populations.

The BG-Lure is effective for up to five months.


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