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Tailored tests

Existing standard test procedures for the evaluation of anti-mosquito products are not equally suited for all product types. They have to be modified or improved, depending on the specific question. Biogents has a long-term experience in developing new experimental set-ups suitable to specific needs. Tailored tests offer you full performance.

Testing the mechanical properties of untreated textiles – mini cage tests

Textiles can act as mechanical barriers (without any additional impregnation) to prevent from mosquito bites. The Biogents mini cage tests provide quick indications on the bite preventing potential of untreated textiles. A tube cage is sealed with the test material on one side, while the other side contains an opening to fill the cage. Five blood-hungry female mosquitoes are introduced into the mini cage, which is now attached to the forearm of a test person. During a testing time of ten minutes, mosquitoes are allowed to try to have a blood meal through the textile. A light fabric that can easily be pierced by the test mosquitoes is used during control tests in order to verify the biting activity. We suggest a test with at least five test persons and two mosquito species to obtain significant and meaningful results.

Room tests with tent structure for the evaluation of spatial repellents

The spatial effects of repellent formulations can be measured in standardized room tests with a special tent structure. The candidate material is evaporated into the tent together with an attracting stimulus (e.g., BG-Sentinel mosquito trap or a test person). The tent is sealed by a strip curtain which supports a slow release of repelling and attracting stimuli into the test room where the mosquitoes are liberated. The catching rate of the trap or test person during repellent tests is compared to the catching rates during control experiments without repellent. In this way we get an indication on the spatial properties of the candidate material.

Please contact us if you have specific questions or product ideas. We will be very glad to support your project with our knowledge and experience.