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Mosquito attractants

Different attractants can be added to Biogents’ mosquito traps to increase their capture rates. Which kind of attractant depends mainly on the trap type and on the mosquito species which is desired to be captured and in which life cycle stadium the mosquito is:

A) Mosquitoes that search for a blood meal

Studies have shown that a mosquito recognizes and finds a human being from a relatively long distance by the human’s breath and skin scents. The mosquitoes fly against the wind direction towards the blood host.

mosquitoes fly against the wind direction towards the blood host


Carbon dioxid (CO2)

The main component of breath is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (also known as carbonic acid or CO2) is the most important attractant for the majority of blood-sucking insects, therefore also for mosquitoes.

CO2 can be added to following Biogents traps:
BG-Mosquitaire, BG-Pro, BG-Sentinel

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Patented formulation of artificial human skin scents

There are also certain components of the human skin scents that are important indicators for mosquitoes in their search for blood.  Biogents developed and patented artificial scents that mimic the smell of human skin. These attractants increase the specificity of the traps for mosquitoes and increase the overall catch rates. The development of an artificial human scent was an important milestone in over 16 years of mosquito research. The effect of our artificial scents was measured and is scientifically proven. The scent is especially attractive to tiger mosquitoes.

There are different scent lures available. They are all based on the same formulation, but their duration time of attracting mosquitoes differs. The lures can be added to following Biogents traps:
BG-Mosquitaire, BG-Home (only together with the BG-Homescent), BG-Pro, BG-Sentinel

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B) Mosquitoes that search for a place to lay their eggs

To attract mosquitoes that are searching for a place to lay their eggs, it is best to imitate a breeding site – and that is what the BG-GAT does. The attractivity of the BG-GAT can be enhanced by adding hay (for example 10 g of dry hay2) or other organic materials such as one leaf or 1 g of rabbit chow or alfalfa pellets per liter in the water of the BG-GAT bucket.


2 Mackay A. J., Amador M., Barrera R. (2013): An improved autocidal gravid ovitrap for the control and surveillance of Aedes aegypti. Parasites & Vectors. 6:225.