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Dear Partner,

I have uploaded a small animation about how mosquitoes fly into a Biogents trap. The animation made my new colleague Christian Müller whom I would like to introduce to you via this way. The animation could be useful for you for a facebook ad or anywhere on your webpage.

We have several formats:

  • With Aedes albopictus and the BG-Mosquitaire
  • With Aedes aegypti and the BG-Mosquitaire
  • With house mosquitoes and the BG-Mosquitaire CO2.
  • All in two sizes: 1458×800 and 800×800 (800×800 maybe better for a facebook ad that also should run on mobile phones)
  • All animations are each in a version with and without text (English for Aedes albopictus/aegypti , German/English for house mosquitoes)

Link to the partner content:>

If there are any questions, please come back to me!

With the best wishes,

Ingeborg Schleip