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Dear Partner,

we created a new video which introduces our „Biogents Trap System“.

The Biogents Trap System consists of the three Biogents traps (BG-Mosquitaire, BG-GAT, and BG-Home) and offers a comprehensive mosquito control outdoors and indoors. The aim of the Trap System is to fight mosquitoes from different angles with different strategies for best results.

We created two versions of the Biogents Trap System Video: One without CO2 which is mainly for the use against tiger mosquitoes and one with CO2 which can increase the catch rates for tiger mosquitoes and can also be used against other mosquito species.

Right now, English and French versions of the videos are available.
More will follow!

You can find the Youtube URLs in the partner login.
Please have a look!

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If there are any questions, please come back to me!
With the best wishes,

Chrisian Müller