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Mosquito Traps and Service – up to 93% reduction of mosquito bites

A Highly Effective & Insecticide-free Solution by Mosquito Experts

for Hotels, Restaurants, Camping Sites and Other Large Areas

Biogents‘ worldwide recognized mosquito specialists developed a highly effective and eco-friendly system that helps you to control the mosquitoes in your area on a long-term basis. Biogents offers a mosquito control strategy tailored to each situation and that can be scaled as needed: mosquito traps and service. Biogents and our partners are here to install and take care about the traps. We offer a full service.  You have the time to do your work and your customers can enjoy your outdoor areays without being bothers by mosquitoes.

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The system is based on 2 components: mosquito traps and service

1. Mosquito traps:

A highly effective trap duo that constantly removes female mosquitoes leading to a reduction of the local mosquito population.

Reduction of mosquito bites up to 93% with traps and service

2. Regular service

A regular monthly service to ensure maximum effectiveness of our trap solutions. Thanks to the support of our certified local partners, you can regain control of your outdoor spaces without having to worry about mosquitoes!

„We use no insecticides. The system targets only mosquitoes without attracting beneficial insects.“

1. A Highly effective mosquito trap duo


BG-Protector mosquito trap to reduce the biting nuisance

  • Against all mosquitoes, including tiger mosquitoes
  • Traps are assembled in a network around the area to be protected
  • Imitates a human being
  • Captures those mosquitoes that are searching for a bloodmeal host and therefore want to bite

How does it work?

  • (1) Biogents attractant and CO2 is dispensed upwards through air currents.
  • (2) Air currents generated by the ventilator draw in the mosquitoes.
  • (3) Mosquitoes are captured in a catch bag.
BG-Protector cross section with CO2 bottle

BG-GAT mosquito trap to reduce the reproduction of mosquitoes

  • Against tiger mosquitoes
  • Imitates a breeding site
  • Captures those mosquitoes that have already bitten and want to lay their eggs

How does it work?

  • (1) Mosquitoes that want to lay their eggs are attracted by the water and oviposition cues of the trap.
  • (2) Once inside the trap, the mosquitoes fl y around and end up on the adhesive surface of the sticky card.
BG-GAT cross section

2. Service from Experts

Regular monthly service through our local certified partners is the key to success

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Hotel area with trap network

1. Evaluate the situation through on-site visits

  • Identification of the mosquito areas
  • Definition of the area(s) to be protected

2. Positioning & Installation

  • Identification of the best locations for the traps to ensure maximum eff ectiveness. Positioning is one of the key factors and very individual for each area.
  • Installation of the trap system (a scalable network that can fi t to all sizes of properties)

3. Monthly service through local certified partners

  • Removal of breeding sites
  • Change of catch bag & maintenace of traps
  • Replacement of attractants
  • Maintenance of CO2 source
  • Regular exchange about your satisfaction and implementation of improvements if necessary

4. Continuous surveillance and optimization with the help of the BG-Counter

  • The BG-Counter can be added on top of the BG-Protector trap. It enables automated counting of mosquitoes. Our local partners can remotely analyze data and control the trap system via a web application to make sure the trap system is always working properly.

High-tech for Highest Effectiveness: The BG-Counter

Advantages of the BG-Counter when used for servicing
BG-Counter counts mosquitoes and transmit the data to a server

Scientific Proof

A scientifically proven system based on thorough research

  • Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of academic research into the behavior of mosquitoes.
  • The traps‘ effectiveness is scientifically proven worldwide.
  • Innovative patented technology of traps and attractants.
  • Our attractant is an EU registered product. We also have the EU authorisation for using CO2 as an attractant in our traps.
reduction of mosquito bites up to 93 percent

Proof in the Field

Our traps are used at great events and areas for mosquito control:

Tour de France 2024: We will protect in particular the fan park in Florence and Nice

Rugby World Cup 2023 FAN ZONE in Toulouse

Olympic Sailing Events 2024 in the Marina of Marseille

Parc Ornithologique in the Camargue

Soneva Fushi on the Maledives and many more islands

Also used by organizations such as • The World Health Organization (WHO) • Pasteur Institute (France), • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM, UK) etc.

The nature is important to us!

That‘s why Biogents developed an eco-friendly system with the least impact on nature and the environment as possible:

Attractants without insecticides

Attractive only for mosquitoes

Does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies

Low power consumption


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