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Upcoming events with Biogents

Biogents is taking part on several events such as conferences or shows.

After much deliberation, Biogents has decided not to attend the AMCA Annual Meeting in Portland, due to the ongoing threats posed by the Corona virus outbreak.
It is unfortunate that this decision has had to be taken as we have always been strong supporters of the AMCA and regular contributors to the Annual Meetings over the years. However, with the numbers of COVID-19 cases increasing in both Europe and the US we feel this is the only course of action.
Our primary concerns are those of a duty of care to our employees and to be able to supply our customers and distributors, both of which could be impacted by contraction and further transmission of the virus and/or extended quarantining of our staff.
Our professional products (the new BG-Pro, the BG-Counter, the BG-Sentinel, and the BG-GAT) will however still be a exhibited at the booth #316 of our distribution partner ADAPCO.


Philly Home and Garden Show
New Jersey Home Show
Biogents at the AMCA 2019
EMCA IXth International meeting