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The BG-Protector – Sustainable Mosquito Control with a Robust Trap

Biogents‘ robust BG-Protector mosquito trap was specifically developed for permanent outdoor mosquito control and requires little maintenance. It is an ideal tool for pest control companies to use in the fight against mosquitoes.

CO2 in combination with a patented human skin odor formulation maximizes the catch rates of the trap for tiger mosquitoes and all other mosquito species.

The trap fits well to many properties or backyards, can be comfortably maintained, and the catches can be easily monitored.

Biogents signs an exclusive partnership with the Tour de France and becomes an "Official Protector"

The BG-Protector is designed for professional use:

  • Robust framework
  • Integrated rainshield and CO2 nozzle
  • Easy to maintain and easy to monitor catches
  • Custom brand the trap with your logo
  • Fits well in a backyard
  • Against tiger mosquitoes and all other mosquito species

Sturdy Housing Developed for Permanent Outdoor Use

  • The sturdy material is robust against weather
  • Integrated rainshield provides protection against rain
  • A handle allows easy transport
  • Can be fixed on the ground
  • Can be easily cleaned
The integrated rainshield of the BG-Protector protects the trap from weather.

Functional Funnel Design

  • Funnel with shutter which closes when power fails
  • Catch bag is attached on the funnel for easy monitoring
BG-Protector: the shutter closes when power fails.   BG-Protector: Catch bag is attached on the funnel for easy monitoring

Attractants - Integrated in the Design

  • Easy access to attractants: slot for BG-Mozzibait is integrated into the rainshield
  • CO2 nozzle is integrated into the trap design
BG-Protector: Easy access of attractants

Low Power Consumption - Low Costs

  • Low costs through low consumption: the fan runs on 6 V



Your Branding

  • The design of the housing includes an area for custom branding
BG-Protector: area for custom branding
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Biogents Attractants

Improve the traps‘ performance with BG-Mozzibait, the patented human scent mimic, to increase catch rates for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti (for those species, the traps should be placed on/near the ground).

When the Biogents attractants are used in conjunction with CO2, the synergistic effect can multiply the catch rates.

CO2 Upgrade

The BG-Protector can be upgraded with CO2 to catch all mosquito species and to increase catch rates. The CO2 nozzle is already integrated in the design. Biogents offers a CO2 upgrade set (BG-Booster CO2) including a pressure regulator for CO2 gas bottles. The CO2 gas bottles are available at gas stores and gastronomy suppliers. We recommend to use 10 kg CO2 gas bottles as CO2 source for permanent outdoor use.

By using our BG-CO2 Timer, you can reduce the CO2 consumption up to 75% and extend the longevity of your CO2 bottle to decrease your costs. The BG-CO2 Timer allows you to control when CO2 is released and to coincide the re-lease with times of mosquito activity.

Patented Technolgy and Performance of the BG-Protector

The BG-Protector is the robust version of Biogents‘ BG-Pro trap and therefore based on the same patented technology. The BG-Pro shows excellent results indicating at least as good catch rates as the worldwide reknown BG-Sentinel trap.

Flyer with overview about worldwide studies with the BG-Pro >

Technical data of the BG-Protector:

  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 39  x 39  x 57.5 cm
  • Power consumption: 2 W


Contents of the BG-Protector

Scientific studies on Biogents traps

Images of publications

Conference paper:

Rose et al. (2017) Comparison of the CDC miniature light trap with a newly engineered hanging trap for mosquitoes. ISOVE 2017.
Available at

PDF Flyer with overview about worldwide studies with the BG-Pro >
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PDF List of studies with Biogents traps >

PDF List of scientific publications of our researchers >

Sustainable Mosquito Control with the BG-Protector Designed for Professionals

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Assembling the BG-Pro - EVS Style

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Mosquito Monitoring: Working with the BG-Sentinel with CO2

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