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The BG-Pro: All Your Needs in One Product

The BG-Pro is a new modular trap for professionals and is ideal to collect all types of mosquitoes. It was developed to offer the functions of the most widely used monitoring traps in one product while providing Biogents patented technology, production quality, and design expertise:

  • higher quality parts
  • less energy consumption
  • overall better performance

Different styles such as EVS-style, CDC-style, or Sentinel-style can be easily changed into each other.  Furthermore, the modularity enables you to be flexible in your monitoring programs and optimize your BG-Pro to your local and temporal monitoring needs. You have several options and the BG-Pro even offers room for your creativity.

Easy to Assemble



BG-Pro EVS-style



BG-Pro CDC-style


standing on the ground

BG-Pro Sentinel-Style
The BG-Pro is now available in Biogents' webshop for resaerchers
Biogents' webshop for researchers

Easy and Flexible to Use

Click on each line to get more information:

Multiple designs in one product

  • Changed different styles easily into each other:
    • EVS-style
    • CDC-style
    • Sentinel-style
  • Perfect for all habitats and mosquito species
  • Hanging or standing choice

Designed for use with Biogents attractants, CO2, and light

Biogents attractants: Used with BG-Lure and placed on the bottom, the trap can monitor tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti).

CO2: Used with CO2, it captures all mosquito species.

LED: An LED light can optionally be added.

Low power consumption for longer battery life. Fan can run on 5 or 6 V

Reduced consumption of electricity – the 3 blade ventilator consumes less power and thus increases battery life.

High Quality Fan

  • Very robust, high-quality fan: The fan is so robust that it can even be operated for hours and days in salt water.
  • The fan can run on 5 or 6 V
  • Fan with only 3 blades: If mosquitoes are sucked through the fan, they are less damaged and can be easier identified.
BG-Pro fan

Multiple power options (battery, mains power supply, power bank)

  • The trap can be run on a 6 V (normal suction power). You can also run the BG-Pro with a 12 V battery (extremely strong suction power) but then the UV light should not be used. Battery cables included.
  • Additional USB adapter included: with the new USB adapter, commercially available and light-weight power banks (5 V)can be used as power supplies. The power bank can be stowed in a slot on the bottom of the trap body.
  • Power supply (8 m) and extension cords (10 m) are additionally available to run the trap from the mains power supply.



USB adapter for the use of a power bank with the BG-Pro mosquito trap

Catch bag above the fan reduces mosquito damage

  • The catch bag is located above the fan so mosquitoes do not pass through the fan. Therefore, the mosquitoes are less damaged and species are easier identified.
  • For trapping extreme large numbers of mosquitoes, the catch bag can be removed and mosquitoes are sucked through the ventilator. The whole trap body serves now as the catch bag.
The catch bag of the BG-Pro can be located above the fan so that mosquitoes do not pass through the fan.   
  • An automatic shutter ensures catch integrity in every situation

Dual-Use Packaging

  • The carrying bag has a dual purpose and can be used as the dry ice container
  • The trap parts fit into each other and are placed compactly into a small bag for transport. Easy to set up, to handle, and to transport.
BG-Pro dual use packaging

Biogents Attractants

Improve the traps‘ performance with Biogents attractants, the patented human scent mimics, to increase catch rates for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti (for those species, the traps should be placed on/near the bottom):

  • BG-Lure: 5-month lure
  • BG-Sweetscent: 2-month lure

The attractants can be ordered via our webshop for researchers >
When the Biogents attractants are used in conjunction with CO2, the synergistic effect can multiply the catch rates.

CO2 Upgrade

The BG-Pro can be upgraded with CO2 to catch all mosquito species including the malaria mosquito Anopheles and to increase catch rates.
There are several possibilities to upgrade the trap with CO2 (click on each line to get more information):

Dry ice

On the right hand, an example for the EVS-style version: The CO2 is stored in the Biogents bag above the trap. Additionally, a power bank can be stored in the bag.

CO2 gas bottle

Biogents offers a CO2 upgrade set (BG-Booster CO2) including pressure regulator for CO2 gas bottles. The BG-Booster CO2 can be ordered via our webshop for researchers >

Yeast fermentation

For information about a technique how to get CO2 from yeast please download this pdf >

Performance of the BG-Pro

First field tests show excellent results indicating that the BG-Pro is at least as good as the CDC and the BG-Sentinel traps.
Detailed information at
Flyer with overview about worldwide studies with the BG-Pro >

BG-Pro, EVS-style with CO2
BG-Pro, EVS-style with dry ice placed into the Biogents bag above the trap

BG-Counter 2 and BG-Trap Station: the Optimal Combination

BG-Trap Station
Biogents‘ new BG-Trap Station is a robust and ideal shelter for your BG-Counter 2. It includes parts of the BG-Pro trap and is used with the BG-Counter 12 V fan.

The BG-Trap station

  • is made of stainless steel
  • protects your BG-Counter 2 from weather
  • can be attached to any type of terrain
BG-Trap station: a sturdy shelter for your BG-Counter, optimized for the use with the BG-Pro mosquito.trap

BG-Counter 2
The BG-Counter 2 offers remote monitoring with automated mosquito counting from anywhere at any time with online software and analysis. for more information


Assembling the BG-Pro - EVS Style

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Technical data of the BG-Pro:

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 55 x 32 cm
  • Ventilator:
    BG-Pro 5 V DC, 0.17 A: 0.85 Watt
    BG-Pro 6 V DC, 0.17 A: 1.02 Watt
    BG-Pro UV light 5 V DC, 0.17 A: 1.25 Watt
    BG-Pro UV light 6 V DC, 0.17 A: 1.5 Watt


Contents of the BG-Pro mosquito trap for professionals

Scientific studies on the BG-GAT and other Biogents traps

Images of publications

Conference paper:

Rose et al. (2017) Comparison of the CDC miniature light trap with a newly engineered hanging trap for mosquitoes. ISOVE 2017.
Available at

PDF Flyer with overview about worldwide studies with the BG-Pro >
Publication is coming soon!

PDF List of studies with Biogents traps >

PDF List of scientific publications of our researchers >


Prices can be found in our webshop for researchers or – for larger orders – send us an e-mail to


You can order the trap as single trap or as set of 4 traps.
It can be purchased either

  • for smaller quantities via our webshop for researchers:
    The BG-Pro is now available in Biogents' webshop for resaerchers
  • or for larger orders by contacting our customer support by e-mail or by fax (+49 941 5699 2168).