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The BG-Home is the new trap specifically designed for indoors

Biogents mosquito trap “BG-Home” is a high-performance and eco-friendly trap for indoor use that targets mosquitoes that enter and rest in the house.

The trap is especially attractive to the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the yellow fever (or dengue) mosquito (Aedes aegypti), both of which are not only annoying but can also carry life threatening diseases. Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are predominantly found in the Mediterranean region and in subtropical and tropical countries where they can transmit diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya, or Zika.

Additionally, the trap can also attract other pest insects found in your home.

  • For indoors
  • High capture rates
  • Targets tiger mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • Uses no toxic chemicals
  • Easy to handle


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Patented technology

The trap’s capture method is based on the same patented capture technology of all Biogents suction traps. The BG-Home imitates the manner in which odors are presented by a human body:

Biogents has developed and patented an artificial human scent, the BG-Sweetscent. This scent, which is especially attractive to tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes, is dispersed by the trap in a plume that closely resembles the one produced by a human.

Additionally, inside the trap, a heated surface at body temperature provides an additional attractive stimulus for the mosquitoes. A  UV light attracts additional pest insects.

Last but not least, to a mosquito, the black color of the trap is also visually attractive.

Approaching mosquitoes are lured closer by all these attractive cues and are then captured and deposited into the base of the trap where they dehydrate.

A transparent window allows you to monitor the catch and indicates when it is time to empty the trap.

Introduction to the BG-Home indoor trap against mosquitoes and other insects

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The placement of the mosquito trap is an important factor to ensure high catch rates. Generally, it is recommended to place the trap indoors near mosquito hiding places such as plants. Also, do not hide the trap, place it not too high (not more than 1 meter above the ground ). It is  best to test different locations!


For efficient and sustainable mosquito control, it is necessary to continuously operate the trap (24 hours for a number of weeks)

If the traps are correctly positioned and run continuously throughout the season, they will effectively decrease the mosquito nuisance, and you can enjoy your home again free from the mosquitoes and their buzz


  • Standing trap made of sturdy material
  • A transparent window which allows to see the catch
  • Does not require carbon dioxide, propane, butane, or other flammable gases
  • Uses no toxic chemicals
  • Requires little care and maintenance
  • Diameter 19 cm
  • Power consumption: ~ 10 W


BG-Home contents


The package includes everything you need to begin catching tiger mosquitoes:

Trap: 1 x trap with 5 V, 2 A power supply with 3 different attachable AC plugs (Type A, C, and G), LED band attached to the trap
Attractant: 1 x BG-Sweetscent (effective for 8 weeks)

Placement of traps diminishes the local mosquito population when

  • correctly positioned
  • continuously operated (24 hours for a number of weeks)
  • kept visible to the mosquitoes / placed unhidden
  • placed not more than 1 meter above the ground
  • regularly cleared from dust

Introduction to the BG-Home indoor trap against mosquitoes and other insects

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